Are Luggage Trackers Worth It?

are luggage trackers worth it

Just the thought of misplacing or losing your luggage can adversely change the vacation mood.

You can imagine having to wait, wait, and wait for your luggage, and no one, including you or the traveling airline, know its whereabouts.

Losing your luggage is a situation that can be nerve-racking and frustrating at the same time.

Therefore, do you think luggage trackers are worth it? Yes, I bet they are, especially if you want to enjoy peace of mind and trouble-free journey.

What is a luggage tracker?

It’s a tracking device that uses either GPS (global positioning system), GSM (mobile network), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth for your luggage, where you can pinpoint its precise location when it gets lost or misplaced.

Be sure to note that these tracking gadgets cannot prevent loss of luggage, but they may help a lot in adding precision, speed, and performance of the overall tracking process.

Types of Luggage trackers

There are three types of luggage trackers depending on the technology used, and they include:

  • GPS

A GPS tracker uses satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of your luggage. It works by syncing the GPS chip on your luggage to an app on your phone or computer.

With GPS tracker, it doesn’t matter whether you’re near the luggage or miles away because it works almost anywhere in the world by sending signals to precisely ping the exact location of the luggage to your computer or handheld device.

It’s the most convenient tracking method, but it also comes with a significant drawback. You need the signal from the GPS chip to locate your belongings. However, in some instances, the signal can be blocked by natural objects such as buildings, trees, mountains, etc.

  • GSM

A GSM tracker uses a local mobile network to locate your luggage. Therefore, you need to have a GSM compatible device and be in a country that supports a GSM-based chip. The only countries that don’t support GSM are South Korea and Japan.

It works by emitting signals that are received by mobile transmission towers, which, in turn, sends the information to your paired mobile device to track the luggage’s location.

Are you an avid traveler? If so, then I would recommend GSM tracker since it can accurately pinpoint the location of your luggage as long as it’s in the range of mobile towers. It’s more like making a phone call, and once it picks the current location of your items, it sends a notification to your mobile device.

  • Bluetooth

Your guess is right, just like mine. Bluetooth is the same technology we used back then and still using to send or receive files via phone when within the range of another phone.

As simple as it sounds, it’s the same way Bluetooth trackers work to pinpoint the location of your luggage.

However, since Bluetooth is limited to a distance of about 50-150 feet, then this tracking method can only work if you’re close to your belongings.

Therefore, Bluetooth trackers are best for tracking things like your phone or keys.

I wouldn’t recommend this method as a means of keeping track of your luggage unless it’s close to you.

You can still go the advanced options of GPS or GSM, and you’ll have the assurance that your belongings will be precisely tracked at any time and any distance.

Always choose the best technology for your luggage tracker, depending on the length of your traveling distance.

The best luggage tracker’s features to look out for

Now, you’re aware of what is a luggage tracker and its types.

With that much-discussed above, there are many tracking devices on the market today.

That is why I’ll take you through some of the features to check to get the best gadget for your trips.

  • Technology and tracker’s strength

You need to make sure to go for a tracker that uses the latest technology and one that emits strong signals to find your belongings effortless and swiftly. Here, you can choose between Bluetooth (close range), GSM (long-range but not that accurate), and GPS (long-range and super accurate).

  • Size and durability

Most trackers come in different sizes and shapes, and you can find some that are bigger and heavier than others. If you want some form discrete and avoid vandals and thieves spotting the trackers, then its recommended to choose a small tracking device for your luggage. Also, check how well the device will stand up to all the rough handling from time to time when you’re traveling.

  • Battery type and life

You need to use a tracking device that has a long battery duration to last you through your journey. There are those types of battery that can be charged from a wall socket or USB while others come with a built-in battery.

  • Versatility

This how well your tracking device meets all your unique needs as well as fits in with your lifestyle. For example, do you want a tracker that immediately sends you alert signals when your luggage slightly roams out of range? One that can use google maps to pinpoint the exact location of your item? Will you be using it for more than just your luggage? Choose a tracker that answers these and many questions for your luggage’s safety.

  • Subscription fee

Almost all GPS or GSM trackers require you to either pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for it to work effectively.

  • Cost

Apart from the subscription fee, you may be required to dig deep into your pockets if you want to purchase the high-end models. Go for a luggage tracker that meets your budget while still including the subscription fee, if you’re going to use some of the available tracking plans.

Summary of luggage trackers benefits

  • You can trace your luggage using your phone or computer via an app that connects to the tracking device and sends back signals showing the location of the luggage.
  • You can go for smart luggage that traces itself and keeps on sending notifications for your belonging’s location.
  • With a tracking device, you’re sure that your luggage will reach your destination since the chances of losing it are minimal.


Do you want to keep the tightest eye on your belongings when traveling and avoid any dampers on your vacation?

Then, you need to consider using a luggage tracker to prevent lost luggage and enjoy a relaxed journey.

So are they worth it? Yes it helps you keep peace of mind while traveling and you can also know when the luggage comes out on the conveyor belt while checking the app.

Here’s a tracker I highly recommend.

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