10 Best Luggage Brands for International Travel (2023)

best luggage brands for international travel

Choosing the best brand of luggage for making an international journey can be frightening – after all, what if your chosen luggage doesn’t live up to the task?

To ensure that your luggage can withstand international travel, opt to buy a suitcase from any of the following brands.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a luggage brand with a great reputation.

It’s a brand that is used by frequent international travelers, but that is suitable for everyone.

Many of its suitcases offer wheels, which are great for carrying heavy luggage through airports and bus stations.

Available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, Eagle Creek’s suitcases come with a “No Matter What” warranty that covers a variety of accidents and situations that may negatively impact your luggage.


  • Wheeled and traditional options
  • Great warranty
  • Good reputation

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Tumi is based out of New Jersey, USA, and manufactures a wide array of luggage, backpacks, and bags.

Before selling a product, Tumi runs it through a number of tests to ensure its durability, longevity, and general safety.

Tumi also ensures that its products are produced without slavery or labor issues, benefiting both the market and workers around the world.

Tumi’s first major product was its traditional black nylon bags, which launched the company into a world of success.


  • Products go through extensive texting before release
  • Products are produced fairly and ethically

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Hailing from France, Delsey is a foreign luggage brand that specializes in sturdy travel bags and suitcases.

The company prides itself on providing high-quality luggage solutions for every traveler. It also works to reduce its ecological footprint by sourcing its products locally and ethically.

Delsey has been on the market since the 1970’s and has grown into a highly-trusted, reliable brand for international travel.


  • Brand has gained a good reputation over the years
  • Sources products locally and considers ethics when manufacturing
  • Uses high-quality materials

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L.L Bean

For years, L.L Bean has been recommended for long journeys – which includes international ones. L. L Bean’s line of luggage includes everything from rolling suitcases to heavy-duty duffel bags with reinforced zip closures.

The company has been in operation since 1912 and has an attitude that puts customers first, making it a great choice for those looking to trust their luggage brand.


  • Company cares abouts its customers
  • A wide variety of luggage options to choose from
  • Reinforced closures on products


samsonite brand best luggage brands for international travel review

Almost every traveler will have heard of Samsonite.

It’s a brand that manufactures a wide range of products, all of which are known for their durability and multi-purpose use.

The Samsonite brand offers duffel bags, standard suitcases, and suitcases with wheels.

Samsonite is a Canadian brand that focuses on the environment and its impact, working towards sustainability in both its product and its warehouses.


  • Brand is known for being durable and good for a number of uses
  • Wide array of products to choose from
  • Cares about the environment and sustainability

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Victorinox best luggage brands for international travel

Victorinox is a light-weight brand of suitcases that is trusted by millions of frequent international travelers.

Its luggage line boasts a variety of rolling and traditional, carry-on style suitcases, ranging in size to fit the needs of every traveler.

Each luggage item has been approved by major airlines as safe, secure, and adhering to the standards of boarding.

Victorinox has been around for over 130 years, perfecting its craft and providing reliable products to customers.


  • Products have been approved by most major airlines as suitable for use
  • Products come in a range of sizes and styles
  • Brand has been around for over 130 years

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Hartmann best luggage brands for international travel

Since 1877, Hartmann has been manufacturing reliable luggage.

Hartmann provides all different types of luggage including carry-on bags and large, oversized suitcases.

The company came to life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has expanded to Europe and Asia.

Today, thanks to improved designs and technological breakthroughs, Hartmann’s luggage is smaller but even more durable, despite still offering plenty of room.

Hartmann is fashionable and uses only the finest materials to ensure the satisfaction of its loyal customers.


  • Company has a large line of products to pick from
  • General luggage size has gotten smaller without losing functionality
  • Fashionable options for fashion-forward travelers

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Olympia best luggage brands for international travel

Olympia is an American luggage company that manufactures a full range of luggage options including backpacks and rolling suitcases.

All of its products are durable and boast an incredible reliability, giving them the ability to withstand years of frequent international use.

The suitcases are functional, stylish, and made to last, with new designs introduced each year.

Olumpia is readily available in stores and online, as well as from the Olympia website.


  • Products are reliable and trusted by travelers
  • New designs introduced by the company on a regular basis
  • Products can be purchased online

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Antler best luggage brands for international travel

Antler UK has been wowing customers since 1914, when its first luggage – the leather trunk- was introduced to those going on long ship voyages.

Since those days, Antler has grown into a reputable company that offers modern luggage solutions and an affordable price.

Antler offers both hard and soft luggage options, as well as business casual and everyday carry-on bags.

Buyers can shop based on airline or luggage type, with those in England holding the ability to order online.


  • Company manufacturers hard and soft luggage
  • Purchases can be made online
  • Company has a good reputation

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Pathfinder  best luggage brands for international travel

Pathfinder was founded in 1991 by a small company of travel experts, working together for the good of all international travelers.

The products developed were reliable, durable, and considerate of all budgets.

Today, Pathfinder is a leader in luggage technology, honoring its motto “quality is everything”.


  • Company focuses on quality
  • Products accessible to those with all budgets
  • Reliable

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Luggage is an important part of international travel.

Without a good suitcase or travel bag, you run the risk of losing your personal belongings and having to replace your cheap, unreliable suitcase on a regular basis.

Using any of the brands we’ve listed above, though, you’ll be able to enjoy your international vacation without a worry in the world.

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