Best Luggage For Cruise Ships | Buyers Guide & Reviews (2024)

best luggage for cruise

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The limited space in the cabin makes it necessary to pack as efficiently as possible.

You should decide what to bring and what not to bring. This also means choosing the best luggage for cruise ships. After all, you don’t want your bag to prevent you from enjoying your vacation. Here are the best luggage for cruise ships.

Top 6 Best Luggage For Cruise Ships Reviews

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Review

The AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage makes it easy to travel in a smart and stylish manner.

The expandable design of the 28″ luggage provides 15% more packing space, so you can bring more items.

You may need to pay excess-weight baggage fees when the suitcase is fully packed.

However, if you need to carry a large load, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage is a good option. This luggage is ideal for trips lasting longer than one week or for extended vacations.

The telescoping handle locks into place.

You can collapse the handle down for compact storage when you’re not using the luggage or extend it when rolling the suitcase.

The securely mounted short handle guarantees stable lifting. The polycarbonate shell gives the luggage superior strength and flexibility, so it will not break. You can have peace of mind knowing that your items will not be damaged or crushed.

The luggage has a fully lined interior that protects your personal belongings from snags and scratches.

The divider helps you keep things organized and separated. There’s also a compression pad that you can use to press down on items to create additional space.

The luggage has an interior organizer that’s made of robust 150D polyester.

It has 3 zippered pockets that secure smaller items such as phone cords, chargers, important documents, and accessories. The AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage is equipped with 4 double spinning wheels, so you can move it around easily and smoothly.

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Clear Cruise Luggage Etag Holders

The Clear Cruise Luggage Tag Holders can easily hold or fit the printed paper boarding pass sent by the cruise line. The set includes 4 steel wires and 4 pack cruise tags. The tags are made from hard-wearing braided loops to prevent the tags from detaching. It has the strength of stainless steel loop and clear PVC plastic ensuring they won’t be damaged.

The zip seal protects the e-tags from falling out or rain, so you won’t lose your luggage tags. The tag holders are perfect for document holders and all types of luggage tags such as flight informational tags and ID Tags. You can share the package with your family and friends, so you can save money.

There is no need to over-spend on tags. The luggage tags measure 7.25″ x 3.5″.

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Delsey Softside 29-inch Exp. Spinner Suiter Trolley Review

The Delsey Softside 29-inch Exp. Spinner Suiter Trolley has 2 large exterior pockets that allow you to access last minute items with ease. The luggage also has a side compartment where you can store your shoes, return laundry or toiletries. It has a side and top handle, dual locking handle, double spinner wheels for smooth and easy maneuverability.

These features also make lifting a fully packed luggage more comfortable.

The main compartment expands, so you can bring more items. The luggage has a suiter clip, 3 zippered pockets, and elastic tie-down straps.

The lid has a zippered divider that helps you store items neatly. The side handle features an overweight Indicator that allows you to determine if the packed case weighs over 50 pounds. The luggage has an injected kick plate and rubberized corners to provide extra protection to your items.

You can easily slip the Cruise Lite Softside Tote over the trolley handle of the luggage by merely using the bag’s zippered smart band. The tote has side pockets where you can store a water bottle or magazine. You can zipper the band to use it as an additional exterior pocket.

The faux leather handles of the tote allow it to be used as a travel tote or work bag. The interior comes with a few features like an organizer and 2 zippered pockets for storing smaller items. It’s made of durable ballistic nylon, which is resistant to abrasion, wear, dirt and moisture.

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Delsey Luggage Cruise Lite Softside Spinner Bag

The Delsey Luggage Cruise Lite Bag makes your trip easy and comfortable. It allows you to transport clothes and other personal items easily. The exterior of the bag has a large zippered pocket where you can store last minute items.

The bag also has reinforced corners, recessed top carries handle and injected kick plate for extra protection. The rubberized non-slip grip on the dual locking handle allows you to carry the bag easily.

The interior of the bag features a book opening design that provides different organization options, including 2 zippered compartments and tie-down strap. It also has a unique clamping system that keeps your items safe. There’s an extender panel that has a folding bar where you can store longer garments such as suits or dresses.

The bag comes with a Limited 10-Year Warranty and has 2 shoe pockets, 2 corner pockets for small items, a suiter clip and 2 hooks for use on a closet rod or over a door. The side handle also has an overweight indicator, so you will know if the bag is already over 50 pounds. The bag has double spinner wheels that allow you to move the luggage around with ease.

A Cruise Lite Softside Tote can be slipped over the handle of the luggage by only using the smart band that you can find on the back of your luggage.

The faux leather handles of the tote are durable. The tote also has 2 zippered pockets, an organizer for phones and other small items as well as side pockets for holding water bottles. It’s resistant to dirt, moisture, abrasion, and wear.

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AmazonBasics Softside 29-inch Spinner Luggage

The 29″ Softside Spinner Luggage from AmazonBasics has 4 360 spinner wheels that allow you to move the luggage around with ease. The spinner luggage glides easily and smoothly in any direction. It also provides a lot of space, so it is perfect for extended trips or vacations.

The soft side luggage provides extra flexibility as it can fit into narrow or tight spaces with ease. You can also collapse the luggage a little to create room for your other bags or to store the bag easily when it’s not in use.

The AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage also comes with a 3-year limited warranty. It has a durable zipper closer, telescoping handle that easily locks into place, short handle, strong zippers and 150D-polyester interior organizer. The zipper guarantees reliable closure.

The expandable design of the spinner luggage makes it easy to carry a significant amount of load. You only need to bring one bag, so you won’t be inconvenienced by your luggage during your trip. The fabric lining helps protect your items from snags and scratches.

The 3 interior storage pockets have a secure-closing zipper that keeps your things neatly organized and safely stored. You can easily find and access what you need.

One of the best things about this luggage is that you can extend the handle so that you can roll the bag much more efficiently. You can also collapse the handle down so that you can place the bag in an overhead compartment or store the luggage when it’s not in use.

It has a securely mounted short handle that guarantees stable lifting. The luggage has undergone strict quality-testing procedures that mimic the conditions of real-life travel usage. The testing covers different components such as wheel durability, overall stability, and dynamic handle strength.

The bag has been tested for stability, zipper, active-handle strength, colorfastness, roller/castor durability, control-elements, resistance to corrosion, drop, seam strength, extreme temperature change, stacking capacity and humidity exposure.

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Delsey Softside Spinner Trolley Tote

The Spinner Trolley Tote from Delsey Paris is perfect for those who need sturdy luggage that offers excellent organization options. The exterior of the bag has 2 zippered compartments with a neoprene pocket where you can put a power bank and cable port for charging electronics on the go.

The bag has tie down straps that keep your items secure. It also has a double padded sleeve for a 15.6-inch laptop and a tablet. It has a zippered compartment where you can store your personal items.

Delsey’s Spinner Trolley Tote is extremely durable as it’s made of ballistic nylon. It is abrasion, dust and moisture resistant. The trolley handle has a rubberized grip. You will not find it hard to move the luggage around because it has 4 double spinner wheels. The luggage comes with a Limited 10-Year Warranty.

The smart band on the back of the bag makes it easy to connect the tote to your checked baggage.

Consider your budget and the amount of load you are going to bring when choosing a bag. This way, you will not be hindered by your luggage during your trip. You will be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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cruise ship sailing with luggage

Packing Tips for a Safe and Fun Cruise Trip

Pack your checked bags wisely. Lay out the clothes you think you will need. If you are traveling with your family, you should consider packing half of your belongings in one bag and a half in another one.

If one luggage gets lost, everyone will still have clothes. Rolling your clothes can help you save space inside the bag.

Don’t pack valuables in checked bags. You should carry jewelry, prescription medicine, cameras and electronic games in your carry-on. Consider bringing a basic first aid kit with skin ointment, bandages, Band-Aids, Tylenol and sunburn cream.

You will most likely buy a few souvenirs during your trip, so you should save some space in your bag. Here are other tips to consider when packing for a cruise trip.

  1. It is also essential to know the dress code of the cruise line. If the cruise line offers tux rentals, you don’t need to bring your own. Pack more resort-casual clothing if you are traveling to Bermuda or Europe. The Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, French Polynesia and Hawaii are more casual than others. You should consider your in-port activities as well. Bring comfortable shoes for active excursions such as biking and hiking. Flip-flops are a good option for a beach day. If you’re visiting some parts of Europe or religious spots in the Middle East, you should wear modest clothes that cover your knees and shoulders.
  2. You will find basic toiletries onboard like shampoo and soap. However, you shouldn’t assume all your favorite toiletries will be in the cabin. As such, you should provide room in your bag for your favorite toiletries. Pack travel-sized bottles and extra razor or toothbrush. Don’t unpack your toiletry kit when you arrive at your cabin. When you have to leave, you only need to replace or top off the bottles. You won’t forget anything or waste time collecting your items.
  3. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. Sticking with a one color theme will allow you to match your bottoms with other tops. You can also bring shirts that you can wear for sightseeing and for dinner. Going for a layered look will help you deal with differing temperatures in different cruise ports. Wearing different accessories can help you change the look of formal outfits.
  4. You should keep important documents with you. Don’t store them in your checked bags. Keep your cruise ship boarding and photo ID on hand. If you need immunizations or visas, you should carry those documents as well. Bring copies of your credit cards, medical cards, and passports. This can relieve a lot of stress if your passport or credit card gets lost or stolen. You can store the copies of your relevant documents in your cabin safe. Save the contact numbers of your credit card company on your phone.

Since some cruise ship cabins don’t have alarm clocks, you should consider bringing your own.

You might miss activities if you can’t tell what time it is.

You could use your mobile phone, but it can be unreliable and ring loudly. If you want to use your phone, you should set it in airplane mode so that you don’t incur any roaming charges.

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