11 Best Luggage Locks (2024) Truth About Suitcase Locks

luggage lock on a black suitcase

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Having a secure lock for your bags while traveling is a good safety measure because in your bags you’ve packed down what is the most essential for you and loosing that while traveling is a very stressful experience.

If you want a fast answer about the best luggage locks, this is the one I recommend.

The important thing to know when traveling in North America with a lock is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needs to be able to open your luggage for screening and the solution to that is a TSA approved lock.

Thanks to the two big lock manufacturers Safe Skies and Travel Sentry working with the TSA they came up with this solution.

If you don’t have a TSA approved lock they will have to cut the lock but with a TSA approved lock they have a “master key” so they can open and lock it again. Some models even have a way to let you know that they have been opened.

Here are the top picks that are high-security locks for personal use and for hostels.

10 Best Luggage Locks TSA approved for traveling

1. Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks Review (best pick)

TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks, Re-settable Combination with Alloy Body


  • Easy to read the black and white numbers
  • Strong and flexible cable
  • Easy to set number combination


  • Can be difficult to go through rings on luggage

This is a durable cable lock since the cable is tightly braided and sheathed with steel cables which can take some beating while being totally fine.

The TSA agent needs to re-lock the luggage before removing the TSA key which is a quite unique design which means your suitcase will always be locked and not be left unlocked after inspection.

It’s not only suited for suitcases you can use it for any bag, of course, such as a briefcase, gym bag, purse, backpack or a laptop bag.

Available in colors black, orange and purple to make it easy to spot while it comes on the baggage carousel.

Most locks are frustrating to set the combination numbers but with this, it’s very easy and with that is can only recommend this lock.

Best in it’s class if you wan’t a cable lock.

check price on Amazon here

2. Desired tools TSA Luggage Locks (2 Pack) – 4 Digit Combination Steel Padlocks Review


  • 4-digit combination
  • TSA-approved padlocks
  • 3-year warranty


  • Tiny shiny numbers, little hard to read quickly

The luggage lock from Desired Tools is a well-thought design and it shows. With the 4-digits it offers 10,000 more combinations and much harder to crack the code.

The reason for higher digits if you unlucky you can get hotel cleaning stuff trying to open and steal from your suitcase they can easily go through a 3-digit on in a couple of minutes by trying all combinations. But with a 4-digit it’s never gonna happen, takes probably 100 minutes to go through.

Offers different colors such as bright red to easily see it in long distance. Included are clear instructions but also a video on their website for a video tutorial on how to set the combination’s.

check price on Amazon here

3. Fosmon TSA Approved Luggage Locks, Fosmon (4 Pack) Open Alert Indicator

TSA Approved Luggage Locks


  • Alert Indicator
  • Great sturdy construction quality
  • Bright Colors


  • A bit heavy

The material used is very durable thanks to the zinc alloy used and can take a though beating without cracking.

The diameter around the shaft on the lock is around 1/2 inch so can easily go through the zipper loops. The size is not too big and not too small either and has a good weight to it but it just means it’s sturdy.

Pink, blue, black and silver colors are available which make it easy to separate the bags from your family and easy to spot.

Overall great quality materials used on this lock which makes it a great choice if you worry it might break after a travel or two.

check price on Amazon here

4. Forge TSA Approved Luggage Locks, Alloy Body

TSA Approved Luggage Locks, Alloy Body


  • Open alert indicator
  • No hassle combination lock
  • The lock won’t easily pop
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • May need a bigger lock for larger suitcases

Comes in the handy variety of packs such as 1, 2, 4 & 6 pack.

Interestingly this one offers a lifetime guarantee which is not that common but they are that confident in the durability that it won’t break.

Clear instructions to easily set it up quickly with number combination and secure it on your luggage then you’re good to go. With the red indicator that pops up when it has been opened, you can tell if the TSA agent has opened it so you can double check to be sure all your items are still there.

The TSA agent shouldn’t be able to reset the open alert indicator says the instructions. Read more about checked luggage here.

It’s a solid TSA approved luggage lock for a good price so it’s a thumbs up from me.

check current price on Amazon here

5. Master Lock Padlock Review

Master Lock Padlock


  • Flexible cable
  • Durable design metal body
  • Fits the majority of zipper’s


  • Multiple tries to insert the cable into the lock

Specifications of the lock are 1-3/16 in. wide lock body; 1/8 in. diameter shackle with 1-1/2 in. length, 5/8 in. width.

The wire is more durable than you think if you try to use wire cutters you’ll twist and gripping the hardest for at least around 10 minutes to cut it.

luggage lock on a black suitcase

As you can see it’s a stylish lock that has a bright blue color.

It’s a 3 digit combination lock and the TSA agent can easily tell it’s a TSA accepted lock thanks to the official red logo for TSA approved locks.

Good lock that is secure and is very flexible to fit all luggage since the cable is very long.

check price on Amazon here

6. Newtion TSA Lock 2 Pack, TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Newtion TSA Lock 2 Pack,TSA Approved Luggage lock


  • 4 Digit combination
  • Lifetime warranty, no questions asked
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Colorful and excellent quality


  • Might be too small for some

The material used for the body and the ring is steel and zinc alloy.

Dimensions are 2.7in*1.2n*0.5in and weights around 150g.

Comes in handy 2 pack with the bright colors black, blue and red. Doesn’t take much space and does its job nicely, the TSA agent can easily spot the TSA approved logo use the master key and easy lock it again. Would be nice with a notification that some other locks have that let you know if it has been opened.

Also with the 4-digit combination, there are many many more combinations so if anyone is gonna guess and try the right combination it’s gonna take a long long time that they will not even try.

check current price on Amazon here.

7. Forge Luggage Lock Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks with Zinc Alloy Body

Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks with Zinc Alloy Body


  • Has a key instead of a number combination
  • Advanced dimple key
  • Hardened steel tumbler system
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Uses a key but depends on what you prefer

This is using a key system which is preferable by some that might easily forget the number combination. If you buy two pack then one key will open both locks so if your friend or family forgot his key you can easily open theirs with your key.

The lock will always be reclocked since this has a feature that the TSA agent has to re-lock in order to get their key out. So you never have to worry that they leave it unlocked.

With the 100% zinc alloy body, you can be sure that it’s very tough to survive many trips.

Since you always have a backup key that works for both locks you can keep calm and the lock will help keep the thieves away I can recommend this lock.

Check current price on Amazon here.

8. TravelMore Flexible Luggage Lock Keyed Alike

orange flexible luggage lock travelmore


  • Unique and clever design
  • High strength Zinc Alloy
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can be a bit tricky to wire it out of the lock

This unique idea is that you simply pull a straight cable steam through the zipper instead of a loop it’s just a straight line. Then you simply drag up the up the body to make sure it’s secured and little tight.

how flexible luggage lock works

Very lightweight lock that can fit through many bags that has a zipper like laptop bags, duffle bags, briefcases and even maybe your lunch box if someone is stealing your lunch.

Included are two keys one for backup and the cable lengths is around 1.4 inches and 0.15 inches in diameter.

Great choice to buy if you want something lightweight and small.

Check price on Amazon here.

9. TravelMore TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Suitcase Locks – 1, 2, 4 & 6 Pack

Smooth Trip ClikCard luggage lock review


  • Clever idea with using cards, no combinations to remember
  • Very easy to open and close
  • Small and lightweight


  • Doesn’t notify if TSA has opened it.

A very modern way to lock and open things with the Smooth Trip card you simply swipe it through the lock like a credit card and it opens for fast and easy access to your luggage. You can then keep the card in your wallet or in your key ring.

Good strong TSA approved lock that will keep your luggage safe and secure at the airport or at the hotels you stay at.

Available to buy at Amazon below:

check current price on Amazon.

10. Brinks 161-20471 TSA Approved 22mm Luggage Lock Solid Brass Review

Brinks 161-20471 lock


  • Body is made of solid brass
  • Lifetime warranty
  • TSA accepted and Travel Sentry approved


  • Small keys make sure not to lose them

With the solid brass material used for the body is the standard material often used for traditional locks which are robust and won’t crack after a few trips.

The included key’s fits all the locks that are included in the 4-pack so you have backups for the other locks if you lose one key.

Dimension on this are 3.2 x 0.8 x 6.5 inches so descent size.

A bit tricky to make the metal closure go through your zipper loop but once in place and locked it’s very secure.

Highly recommended for a sturdy lock.

Check current price on Amazon here.

11. LC-dolida TSA Travel Luggage Strap with 3 Dial Approved Lock Review

luggage strap tsa lock


  • Great solution for bigger luggage
  • Easily adaptable to the size of your suitcase
  • Included luggage claim identification


  • Buckle is plastic

If you want that extra added security layer then you can try the luggage straps to prevent it from opening. Also on top is the 3-digit combination needed for opening and the hole for the TSA agent to open and close it.

This strap fits best on suitcases between 18 to 32-inches and with the durable sturdy nylon webbing strap, it’s made to hold nice and tightly.

Easy to set up and also available is the rainbow-colored strap which makes it so much easier to spot when coming off the baggage conveyor.

Overall great choice to keep it locked and make it doesn’t wide open by accident and all your clothes fall out which is a pain if it happens.

Check price on Amazon here.

What luggage locks are TSA approved?

Locks that have this red Travel Sentry logo are approved TSA locks. Which means TSA has a universal master key which they can open and close your locks.

travel sentry logo

Are TSA luggage locks mandatory?

No, TSA locks are not required. It’s allowed to travel with any lock you want but if it’s not TSA approved lock they have the right to cut it open in order to inspect the content of your suitcase.

Are luggage locks necessary?

If someone really wants to get into your luggage there’s nothing that will stop it. The luggage locks are not made to stop someone from stealing your luggage and its content. A luggage lock is useful for preventing the airline employee’s too easily open and steal your valuables, which unfortunately and it happens more than you might think.

Also, it makes someone think twice of opening up your suitcase and steal. Hopefully, sway into not do it since it’s more hassle with good locks.

Read more about luggage for suits here. That’s all the luggage locks I can recommend, I wish you safe and happy traveling.

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