Can Luggage Be Checked Early?

can luggage be checked in early

There are different classes of luggage when traveling, and this will determine how your luggage is placed on the airline.

It is normal to take your luggage with you when going to the airport and book the luggage as you board your flight.

In this article, we want to know if luggage can be checked in earlier for the flight.

However, we have had to understand the types of luggage that travelers carry on the plane.

Types of Baggage

When flying, your baggage can be classified into two types: you have the check-in baggage and the carry-on.

The carry-on baggage is the bags that you can carry with you on the flight, and you have access to this bag throughout the journey.

The carry-on luggage is usually small and can fit into the flight top cabinet.

Passengers usually carry their important items on the carry on baggage during flight because they have access to these packages during the trip.

On the other hand, checks in baggage are that baggage that is stored in the baggage compartment of the flight separated from the passengers.

These baggage are usually big and cannot be stored in the in-flight chambers.

Because of security, for fear the package may be tampered with before and after the course of the flight, passengers usually do not store their valuable items on the bag.

These checked baggage are kept in the holding area of the airline as travelers booked their flight and tagged their luggage.

The luggage is transported on the airline before take off in specific orders that will accommodate all the luggage available on the flight.

Can luggage be checked in Earlier, and What Kind of Luggage can Be checked in?

checking in earlier can luggage be checked in early

 Airlines can take in luggage that is on board for a flight earlier than the flight time.

This is a convenient way for travelers to meet up with their trip and save them the stress of booking for a flight.

Passengers can check-in luggage with already bought tickets, hours, or a day before the flight. The time to check in luggage depends on the airline.

You must understand the policy of the airline regarding the booking of luggage.

Different airlines have their policies about how when you can check in your luggage and for how long you can check in that luggage.

While some airlines can guarantee you to check-in luggage a day before the flight time, others may allow for check-in of luggage hours before the departure time.

So get the airline contact details to inquire for information in this regard, and this may determine the airline you want to take.

 Why do Passenger Check-in Luggage Earlier

There are several reasons why customers will want to check in their luggage for a flight earlier than the flight time. We are going to list some of these reasons and discuss them each point as listed below:

1. To save time during booking of flight

One of the reasons passengers checks in luggage on time is to save time before the actual take-off of the flight. To avoid wasting time, especially if the passengers have huge luggage to check-in before the flight, they should check in the luggage on time.

Save time before the flight is one of the reasons why airlines encourage passengers to check-in luggage earlier before the flight.

They usually open more prior for passengers to start checking in their check-in luggage earlier before the flight.

Some passengers generally have the habit of coming late to the airport, and if they have much baggage to check-in, the process will delay the time on entering the airplane, and they may end up losing the flight.

It is advisable to make inquiries when your airline accepts luggage, and if you have much baggage for the flight, you should check them in on time to save time.

2. Tourist could have fun before the flight take off

Another reason that passengers check-in their luggage on time is so that they could have free time to have fun before the flight.

It will be cumbersome to have fun with your luggage on you before the plane takes off, so passengers usually check-in their luggage while they take time off to the city to have a good time before the flight takes off.

This is usually the practice of tourists or traders who have bought some goodies they are taking on the flight.

The tourist will check in their huge luggage safely with the airlines while they go into the city to have fun.

3. Safekeeping of baggage

There are some items that you may intend to keep safely in the custody of the airline. You might check in this luggage a day or a few hours earlier before the flight.

On the airline, this luggage will be safe on their hold, and they will transport them safely to the carrier upon taking off.

This luggage may not be completely secure with you, or the passenger is scared of damaging the items.

So it will be best to keep it in the safe custody of the airline, and they can safely and securely load it on the plane during the take-off time.

You should note that you can only check in on time the check-in luggage and not your carry on baggage.

So your carry on should be with you on the flight while the check-in luggage is loaded on the plane in the luggage section

How are Check-in Luggage Loaded on the Airline?

There is a conception that checks in luggage are loaded last on the airline, and they are first out of the plane.

With this conception, people usually check-in their luggage on time so they will not spend much time on the airport waiting for their luggage to arrive as it will be among the first as they were made to believe.

Well, this is not usually the case with the airline as they have a different way of loading the baggage on the airline.

Some airlines load the airplane according to the weight of the luggage.

They are sending the heavy ones in first and in a manner to ensure balance on the aircraft.

There is no consideration given to earlier check-in of luggage to those that were checked in during the flight.

So passengers should foregone that reason that their luggage will come out first if they checked it in earlier than other luggage.

How Secured is Checked-in Luggage?

Passengers are wary about the safety of their baggage on flight and especially when they are checked in earlier.

There is no guarantee that your luggage will not be tampered with, and the airline holds limited responsibility for the security of your luggage.

We have heard of luggage being opened and valuable items stolen at the airport.

And with these experiences, passengers do carry their essential items on their carry on rather than the check-in luggage.

With security in mind, some people do not trust the airlines enough to check-in their luggage days or hours to take off.

This is one of the main reasons affecting the earlier check-in in baggage and will result in much time checking on luggage before they travel.

There should be more security on areas where luggage is stored and where they are passed through to ensure the safety of passenger’s luggage.

Tips on Checking in Luggage Earlier

For some reason you decide to check in your luggage earlier before you travel, the following tips will be useful:

  • You should ensure to secure your luggage correctly and in a pattern that will indicate if tampered with by anyone.
  • If you can carry out any essential item with you on your carry on, please do and keep the less important thing on your check-in luggage.
  • If possible, have a list of all the contents in your check-in luggage and ensure the airline knows that you have that list.
  • Follow through with proper documentation of your check-in luggage for those that are not adequately documented and went through the actual process stand a high chance of being tampered.
  • Always report any form of tampering on your luggage to the relevant authority as soon as possible. Such an act will discourage the process of repeating itself, especially if the complaints continue to pile up.


It is important to get inquiries from the airline to know more about their early check-in policies.

With the knowledge about their systems and time of checking in of luggage, you can plan accordingly and ensure that you meet up with the requirement.

With a knowledge of the tips and an understanding of checking in luggage earlier, we expect you to take the right step to ensure that your luggage is safe and secure, and you have a pleasant flight experience.

Always check with the airlines, for each airline has its unique policies regarding several practices.

Remember that you are responsible of the items inside your luggage and they will be passed through security check.

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