How To Hook Luggage Together? Here’s How!

How To Hook Luggage Together

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Do you want to know how to keep your bags safe and sound during your travel?

Well, you can do so by hooking them together. If you travel with lots of bags or suitcases, it really helps to have them hooked together or attached when transporting or decking them.

Special nylon webbing or lashing straps help keep your bags together until you need to check them at the counter.

Keeping your bags hooked together helps you move through airport, train, bus station or travel places more effectively and comfortably.

Steps in Hooking your Luggage Together

If you are bustling through train stations, airport or anywhere else with your bags, it helps to have a hand free to lattes and juggle tickets.

If you are traveling with a huge bag, a rolling carry on as well as an extra bag, it is also a tall order.

You can relieve from the stress of carrying many bags by hooking it together. This can be done by using a hooked strap or a long luggage strap.

This works best if you have a big rolling suitcase to act as the anchor for the rest of your luggage.

What You Will Need

To do this, you will need:

luggage hooked together

How to Hook Suitcase Using Long Luggage Strap

Hooking your bags together with the help of a long luggage strap is so easy and stress-free.  All you need to do is to follow these steps simply:

1.    Pack you big rolling bag, or no matter what piece of a suitcase is the biggest, with the majority of the heaviness on the base. This will keep hooked-together bag combination from becoming too top-heavy.

2.    Stand the big rolling luggage upright, ensure the handle is pulled out.

3.    Hold onto the handle of the bag, while at the same time lifting the second most significant piece of the suitcase, like a rolling carry-on, to the pinnacle of the bigger suitcase. Lean the slighter bag against the handle of the bigger bag. But, ensure the handle is pulled out.

4.    Put an extra long luggage strap beneath the big luggage, and pull it up, so the buckle end is placed midway up the front of the big bags.

5.    Pull the opposite end of the luggage strap over the rear of the big and slightest pockets, and then allow it hang over the fronts of the two bags.

6.    Thread the luggage strap in the buckle in accordance to the specific style of the fastener. Pull it tight, but not so close that the lower or upper suitcase becomes curved.

7.    Secure any remaining length of luggage strap. If the luggage strap is secured in the bag or suitcase, there might be some of the luggage straps which is loose. To keep away this loose strap from getting caught on something, drape it around the part of that is flat against the suitcase and fasten it in place. A lot of luggage straps available are adjustable to different lengths, so if you have it set for a lighter bag than the maximum, you are likely to have some additional.

How to Hook Luggage with Add-On Luggage Strap

It is easy to attach luggage using add-on strap. You have to follow these essential steps:

1.    Pack the biggest piece of a suitcase with the mainstream of the heaviness on the base. This help keep the hooked suitcase combination from turning out to be heavy.

2.    Put the big luggage so, it is standing straight.

3.    Open the buckle of the add-on luggage strap and secure it to the handle of the biggest bag, with the hooked strapped facing out.

4.    Put the top handle of the lightest suitcase onto the bag strap

Hooking Suitcase with Wheeled Dolly

Want to know how to suitcase with a wheeled dolly? Follow these steps:

  • Put the biggest suitcase on the floor or on a wheeled bag dolly. Stack the small suitcases successively on the pinnacle of each other. Bring a cord up and around every suitcase to lash it to the one prior.
  • Drape a huge suitcase strap overall luggage, running it through the loop or handles. Tighten the luggage strap as tight as possible in order to make them compress together, creating one solid unit.
  • Enfold another cord over all the suitcases, so it loops up and over the bags and hooks at the base. Hook the strap to the wheeled dolly, and that’s it. You can now comfortably carry you suitcases anywhere you want to go.

How to Hook Luggage Together: Tips on Choosing the Best Luggage Strap

To hook your luggage together needs a high quality and durable luggage strap. To avoid your luggage from getting loose while traveling or in transit, ensure to buy the best and most reliable luggage strap. Read on to know how to purchase the best luggage strap for hooking suitcases.


Luggage straps come in various lengths, and there are some which are extremely long and some which aren’t so long. Some luggage straps aren’t intended to carry the luggage but are more designed to hold or hook the luggage safely in place.

The kinds of luggage straps which are used to fasten the luggage together are like a belt strapped around the suitcase. Usually, these kinds of luggage straps are permanently stitched to the suitcase on one side, and the two straps are affixed together by utilizing a buckle. These aren’t exceptionally long just long enough to fit around the bag and hold the suitcase together safely and securely.

The long luggage straps are utilized to carry the luggage and depending on the suitcase itself determines how the straps are intended to be held. There are straps which are adjustable to accommodate multiple sizes of bags. There are also types of straps which are a way to pull the bag behind you.

Typically, these bags are utilized with the bag which has wheels on the base to make it simpler to roll the suitcase.

Pay Close Attention to the Kind of Buckle

A lot of luggage straps available have the kind of buckle on which you push the sides to release it.

Perhaps this is the simplest kind of release to pick. It is good to try the buckle first to ensure it’s easy to open, however not so easy which it will open once it is jostled.

On the other hand, there are also some luggage straps available out there that might come with a buckle which it looks like a belt that you will need to weave the strap through a plastic or metal clasp. This kind of buckle isn’t highly recommended this is because it will take you time to secure around the suitcase. What is more, it is also time -consuming and daunting.

Choose a Striking Color

It could be relatively easy to get the suitcase mixed up with somebody else’s. Therefore a luggage strap is an excellent way to distinguish your bag from others.

If you can buy a suitcase a strap of red or green, or with a belt that has a checkered pattern, it will provide your suitcase the pop it requires to recognize easier. If you’re traveling with your loved ones, and you have the same bag, it can be a simple way to spot whose is whose.

The Materials

The material of which the luggage strap is made from is determined by the material of which the suitcase is made from. 

The leather is the most robust material, and it will last longer compare to nylon and other materials. The upscale bag is made from cross-grain leather and could be relatively costly.

Less expensive types can be made from leather-like materials that have been synthetically produced.

There are also some other materials which the luggage straps can be made from such as canvas and plastic. Plastic is the least resilient material.

Luggage which is made with no straps isn’t practical. The older models of the suitcase had more handles than actual straps, and this was made of hard rubber or hard plastic.

These handles were attached with metal fasteners. Luggage straps are suitable and essential in connecting the suitcase together. They make transporting bag much more comfortable and allow the user to carry multiple bags at one time.

The conclusion of using a luggage straps

There are many ways on how to keep your luggage safe, and one of them is through hooking the luggage together. 

Aside from keeping safety and security, hooking your bag also gives you stress-free travel. By hooking your suitcases together allows for fast and hassle-free traveling, most especially if you are with your kids or loved ones.

This also avoids misplacing the small bags. On the other hand, to make the most of hooking your luggage together, it is highly advisable to use high-quality luggage strap.

There are many types of luggage straps available, all you have to do is to research. Happy traveling!

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