What size suitcase do I need for two weeks?

what size suitcase do i need for 2 weeks

Packing is the ultimate chore that takes some of the pleasure of traveling from us.

Leaving your comfort zone is never easy.

That’s why in the fear of forgetting something we tend to over pack. 

As your travel date approaches you are struck with numerous questions.

What kind of clothes, how much toiletries and what size suitcase to fit all of this?

Packing right is of an inestimable help when you are in an unfamiliar place.

Toiletries, cosmetics, and medicine are a must.

But clothes? 

We’re all guilty of packing an unnecessary number of outfits.

We love to look our best while traveling.

And more often than not we take pieces we rarely wear.

Determining the right size of a suitcase for your travel can be a rather complex task.

Different travel conditions lead to different suitcase choices.

A backpack or a small carry-on is more than enough for a weekend getaway.

But what do you take for a fortnight of travel?

 Let’s go through the main criteria for choosing the right size suitcase.

 What are you bringing?

packing clothes what size suitcase do i need for 2 weeks

Are you part of the over packers anonymous club?

Do you take massive amounts of clothes and accessories with you?

Trying to make our vacation memorable we engage in over packing.

If you are someone who embraces minimalism in packing, congratulations.

For all others, plan your outfits, choose a color scheme for all your clothing items and stick to it.

It will make your dressing up easier, faster and your suitcase lighter.

Where are you going?

Packing for an exotic vacation in Thailand? A ski trip to the Alps?

Winter and summer conditions require you to embrace different approaches. 
Winter clothes tend to be bulkier and boots heavier.

The numerous accessories that keep you warm take up significant space. 

The summer wardrobe consists of thin clothes and feather-light sandals.

Swimwear doesn’t eat up your suitcase space.

What are you doing?

Are you a professional travel blogger, a scuba diver or love winter sports? Or are you a fitness junkie?  Estimate the type and size of the equipment you will be carrying with you.

Two weeks is a significant amount of time and people don’t like ditching their routines.

Staycation or road trip?

To some extent, your travel plan determines your suitcase size.

If mobility is of significant importance for your trip, you need to be more flexible. 
What does this cover?

Road trips, switching between a couple of locations, and flights.

Choosing a smaller size suitcase and giving up on some of your outfits.

In the case of a direct flight and spending your two weeks in one hotel, you are safe in carrying a bulkier suitcase.

Method of transport.

A smaller size of a suitcase is more manageable when it comes to using trains and buses.

It’s easier to maneuver on stairs when there are no lifts or escalators available. Not to mention how easier it is on your arms and back.

Making your way on trains and through train stations with a suitcase over 24” is hideous. 

Are you a shopaholic?

What do you plan on bringing back?

If you are someone who loves souvenirs and shopping, think ahead.

You need to leave room in your suitcase on departure for filling it up on your way back.

This is when expandable suitcases come in handy.
In the case of shopping too hard, plan on packing a collapsible bag or a tote.

The right size suitcases.

size luggage guide what size suitcase do i need for 2 weeks

 After going through these criteria, it’s time to go through your options in sizes.

The optimum suitcase size is the one that you feel comfortable with.

An extra-large cabin suitcase, ranging around 22 inches or 56cm. 

With a capacity of 50 liters, this size requires you to pack light but it’s easier to manage. 

Practical for those who don’t mind washing some clothes and don’t plan on dressing up.

Ideal for minimalists, but a struggle for the others.

There is little to no space for larger souvenirs or shopping.

Here’s a great 22″ from Travelpro I recommend.

Medium size check-in suitcase, 24inches or 68cm.

The ultimate suitcase size.

From city trips to beach vacations, this size fits more than seven days worth of clothes. 

A great choice if you don’t mind repeating outfits and want a manageable checked-in suitcase.

It’s hassle-free in public transport and practical enough to carry around.

A versatile type of suitcase-size that you can carry in every occasion.

Samsonite has a great 24″ luggage here.

Large size check-in suitcase is the number one in popularity. 

At 27inches or 74cm, this size is the most frequently carried suitcase for a fortnight of travels.

Perfect choice for a two weeks trip that allows comfort in packing.

If you like dressing up and splurging on souvenirs this is your size.

Still manageable in size for a checked-in suitcase, but spacious enough for all your desired items.

Have in mind, that with a capacity of up to 115 liters lifting can be a real struggle.

Here’s a good suitcase if you’ve alot to pack.

Extra-large check-in suitcase comes at 32inches or 85cm.

For when you’re a serious over-packer or pack for more than one person.
Spacious enough to pack two people’s worth of clothes for two weeks.

But a real pain to manage in public transport, airports, and stairs. 

Good choice for family vacations when you are staying in one place.
After all, we all want our belongings with us.


With minimalism trending in the last decade, packing lighter has become a type of competition. 

Not everyone wants to do laundry while on vacation.

But everyone wants to be as hassle-free as possible. 

For two weeks of travel, we recommend sticking to a medium to large suitcase size.
These suitcases are comfortable for unpredicted situations. 

If you need to switch terminals or stations you need mobility.

If you have a longer layover an extra-large suitcase can be a pain to carry around.

Luckily, spinner wheels make even the largest of suitcases easy to roll around with you.

While lifting can’t be made easier, rolling is a breeze.

Traveling is about joy, the joy of dressing up or carrying all your photography equipment.

Check with your carrier about your luggage allowance and pack as comfortable as you’d like. 

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