What Info To Put On Luggage Tags? Here’s the answer

By James Smith
what info luggage tag
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When traveling sometimes unfortunately the luggage gets lost and its a stressful experience. A good way to get the luggage back faster and easier it so use a luggage tag is what I’ve learned. So what info do you put on your luggage tag?

You should at least put information on contacting you such as name, phone number, and emails address. Home address is not necessary since if your luggage gets lost and they see your name in the database they can see your address and a new tag is printed and attached to send it for you for the next flight. You can put an address but do remember also burglars can see your address and know your home is empty.

What address do you put on your luggage

You can put your home address if you want, but if you are concerned about privacy and that is a valid reason to be worried about. For example, if unofficial airport staff can find your bags and they can see that this address is away traveling which means open for robbery, nobody is home. So put your work address on your luggage tag instead.

So a recommended solution is not to even use address because if you leave name, phone number and email address you are contactable that way. And the airport staff can as I said see your home address to ship the luggage too since you gave all your details when you booked your ticket.

Also include a photo of your luggage and the dimensions of it in the luggage tag, that way the airport staff can be sure what bag belongs to who if it gets lost.

Why do I need a luggage tag?

A luggage tag is very useful if you lost your luggage. It doesn’t mean losing it at the airport you can lose it at a hotel or anywhere really. And if someone finds your luggage with a tag they can contact you and return it.

If you lose it at an airport and the employees at the airport can see a name, phone number or an email address they can locate your home address in their system since you have booked a plane ticket with your details and then they will ship it back to you on the next plane.

There is thousands different way you can lose your luggage you can forget it anywhere at the duty-free, the toilet or at the hotel lounge, it happens to everyone so a luggage tag is essential to get your belongings back. So it’s a cheap safety measure.

If you’re thinking about the luggage paper tag the airport puts on are because they need to know where the luggage is going to, the tag is then scanned and verified by humans by the 3 digit code. For example, one code could be YVR that means Vancouver.

Where to attach luggage tags?

Attach the luggage tag to the handle of your bag, because it’s clearly visible and spot if it gets lost and the person can find the tag easily.

Do note that sometimes accidentally luggage tags can get ripped off so if you have a backup luggage tag you can also put on inside the checked suitcase just in case it gets lost and the tag outside got ripped the one that found the suitcase might look inside to find any contact information.

Do you need luggage tags for carry on bag?

Yes, you need a tag for your carry on bag as well is recommended, since you can also lose that bag if not even easier since it’s not so big as the suitcases. Also, you may have your carry on bag far away from your airplane seat.

In some cases, you also need to get your carry on bag checked because of smaller planes or overbooked. Also sometimes you have the bag under your seat because it’s full and that can be easily forgettable.

What to use for luggage tags

There are different models but they all provide the same basic functionality just to show the information of the owner. But you can go for more stylish options or just something more affordable and basic.

The different material used is often leather, plastic, rubber or vegan leather.

You could also make your own with some durable cord and a paper that is plastic to cover it, but buying one is not that expensive and works better.

What size is a luggage tag

A regular sizing of a luggage tag is 4.5″ High  3.25″ Wide x .5″ Depth or some are 4. 5 x 2.5 inches.

What is the best luggage tag

A good luggage tag is something that won’t get ripped easily and will last you many trips. You can easily replace the paper if you need to change like having a new email address or phone number.

If you want a tag that is stylish and in leather I recommend this strap that is sturdy as well. With that, you get a one year warranty and a privacy flap that you need to lift up if you want to see the address just so nobody can zoom in then snap a picture to get your information.

A great rubber tag is this one that has really sturdy steel loops that won’t snap easily. Offers a really wide range of bright colors that will help you easily spot your bag from a distance.

So a tip is to choose a color if you can that stands out like orange so you can easily spot that it’s your bag on the baggage carousel. It’s so nice not having to scout for every bag that comes through to the carousel you can quickly glance at each bag looking for the bright colored tag.

And lastly, a good aluminum luggage tag is this one. Again has a great steel cable that you can hook up to your suitcase handle and won’t snap easily.


A luggage tag is a really helpful way for those finding the luggage to know who the owner is and to contact that person letting them know they found it and where to send the luggage too. If there are no names, contact information, nothing on the luggage how would anyone know who the owner is?

Put two luggage tags per bag, one outside and one for inside.

So it’s a fast, affordable and easy way to equip the bags with your contact information that will help the lost & found department get the right bags to the right owners.

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