What Luggage Do Celebrities Use? Top 10

what luggage do celebrities use

Traveling is an inseparable part of celebrities’ lifestyle, and they usually do this for work and pleasure purposes.

Celebrities, when travelling are usually seen with different brands of luggage at the airports hence turning the airport into an arena for fashion display.

On the long run, their fashion display has been a source of fashion inspiration for quite a lot of fans to invent their own style of fashion.

 Some celebrities have been sincere with just a single brand for years and have not changed their styles since.

For example, the popular model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss has stuck to an Away carry-on for years and has been sincere with that style.

Actresses Mandy Moore and Rashida Jones have also stuck to the brand for about three years now.

Celebrities are usually found taking nice pictures with their piles of suitcases when travelling, which keeps people wondering the countless number of shoes and glamorous designer outfits stacked in their suitcases.

Undoubtedly, we envy what the content of the suitcases may be.

However, that is not our topic of concern for today.

The luggage and luggage brands are exactly what we are beaming our topic of discussion on.

Quickly, let’s launch into several luggage used by celebrities:


globe trotter what luggage do celebrities use

Sticking to just a brand is a very hard thing to do for many celebrities.

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II has never chosen another brand of luggage other than her Globe-Trotter suitcases she had chosen since she had her honeymoon in 1947.

The luggage brand has carved its identity as it has been producing high-quality suitcases for over a century now.

This is why the entire British Royal family has made the brand their travel identity for years.


rimowa what luggage do celebrities use

The quality of a luggage speaks a whole lot about the kind of people who patronize such brand. Rimowa is an easy-to-spot suitcase with a ribbed shell serving as the brand’s signature.

It is a durable choice, very sturdy, timeless and classic luggage.

These qualities are perhaps why Gwyneth Paltrow, LeBron James and Cara Delevingne have stuck to the trusted brand for years without switching their loyalty for once.

LeBron James collaboration with Rimowa:

This is what these celebrities have been flying around the world with for many years because of the uncommon qualities of the brand.

Over 120 years that Rimowa has been in existence, the company has expended resources on remolding the face of travel by adopting a high-tech professionalism in crafting polycarbonate luggage with strong exterior quality.

Other features that distinguish the brand from others include: multi-wheel system, TSA locks and iconic groove design.


louis vuitton what luggage do celebrities use

Louis Vuitton is a very popular brand- if not the most popular- in the world of fashion today.

The luggage brand reigns over hundreds of brands in the world because it carved its identity from selected and high-quality materials.

Louis Vuitton was introduced to the market about 150 years ago and has since changed the fashion taste of many celebrities.

The stackable and flat-bottom trunk is made classic to suite the taste of millions of people all over the world.

The brand has become an official brand for the Kardashians and Hadid Sisters clans, while it can be guessed that the highest percentage of users of Louis Vuitton reside in Los Angeles.

The brand had gone through different phases of transformation since it was introduced over a century and a half ago.

The luggage now has become a cult-like fashion trend for celebs such as The Kardashians, Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, Sarah Jessica Parker amongst others.

They are hardly seen with any other brand except the Louis Vuitton with its famous LV logo carefully scribed to improve the beauty of the luggage.


goyard what luggage do celebrities use

 Goyard became the talk of the town in the 17th century.

Since it came into market, it has retained the fame and the quality of products it has been producing.

The brand is not only patronized by celebrities but also by royalties from all walks of life.

Today, the brand has a long list of clientele such as actress Marion Cotillard and the famous designer Lagerfeld Karl on its list who have made the brand their ‘identity’.

Though luxurious, the award-winning luggage brand is known for its quality and has never disappointed the chunks of customers patronizing it.

The company has been crafting light-weight high-quality luggage with superior stability.


tumi what luggage do celebrities use

Judging by the number of celebrities totting TUMI luggage around airports, it can be assumed to be one of the most loved luggage brands that ever existed.

The luggage is a durable choice and has the tendency of withstanding extreme weather conditions, hence a topmost choice for many celebs.

Some of the celebs that have been seen totting the brand around airports all over the world are but not limited to Nikki Reed, The Rock, Gisele Bundchen,  Heidi Klum and Alexander Skarsgård.


away what luggage do celebrities use

Karlie Kloss is one of the few celebrities who never hide their soft spot for luggage made by the Away brand.

On her social media platforms, Karlie is seen taking pictures of herself totting through airports with her Away choice of brand.

Away has durable quality and pretty stable at hand. Ashley Graham and Margot Robbie are other celebs who have been seen flaunting the brand.


bric's away what luggage do celebrities use

Amal Clooney is a popular human rights activist who has chosen to be a partaker in human right activism all over the world.

She tours every part of the world on the platter of her chosen career, this is why she ensures she goes with carry-on of high quality and style.

The Italian brand Bric’s has become her choice for years and she never switched her love when it comes to carry-ons.

Other celebs who are fans of the brand include Pippa Middleton and Blake Lively.


gucci away what luggage do celebrities use

Chrissy Teigen, the popular model can be seen stunning in different outfits but one constant thing that remains constant about her is flare for duffel bags made from the GUCCI brand.

She cruises the town with black leather Gucci bag that somewhat complements her figure.


ghurka what luggage do celebrities use

Ghurka products are made from high-quality leather materials, and this is why Meghan Markle has decided to make the brand her number one choice.

Other celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Wilde have never hidden their love for Ghurka pieces.

10. Samsonite

samsonite what luggage do celebrities use

Samsonite, founded back in 1910 in Colorado Denver, is used by many since they offer affordable as well as luxury options. It’s also been used by many celebrities such as Jared Leto, Diane Kruger, Jenna Coleman and more. Available on Amazon here.

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